A Clear and Easy-to-Understand Branding Opportunity.


Versatile Branding

The logo can easily be applied to PC, Tablet, and mobile applications without interfering with your existing brands.

The Clear Choice

Branding with the logo “For Real Money” suite of games can create a clear choice in regard to your RMG offerings versus free-to-play products and branding with the logo “For Real Prizes” for your free-to-play suite of games directly distinguishes away for RMG.  These opportunities allow you to build out a suite of recognizable brands to online casino operators/developers/consumers.


Revenue Opportunities

RMG presents a material licensing opportunity going forward as adoption occurs, one which developers have the ability to create another revenue stream, Forrealmoney logo’s and domain allow for a significant branding opportunity in the RMG space. Forrealprizes logo’s and domain create the same opportunity in free-to-play.